Squarespace App Updated To Version 6

Squarespace, a website hosting platform, recently updated to version 6 with a total of 50 new features, including new templates, an improved layout engine and better social integration. Along with this, Squarespace also updated its iPhone and iPad apps to support the new version.

While Squarespace is a monthly paid service, the accompanying iPad and iPhone apps are completely free. The apps let users manage most aspects of their website from a mobile device. Users can create and edit posts, add photos, and even manage comments. Users’ sites can even be previewed from the iPhone or iPad while also checking traffic stats on the go. Along with support for version 6 of Squarespace, the iOS apps also come with a number of bug fixes.

If creating your own website is something you’re interested in, Squarespace sounds like a good way to go, especially with the accompanying apps. To learn more about what Squarespace has to offer and what’s new in version 6, you can check out their blog. For more details on the accompanying Squarespace iPhone app and iPad app, or to download them free of charge, check out the App Store.

Source: TUAW and Apple
Image Credit: Sabet Brands

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