Square is now available for all

Everyone wants to be able to take credit card payments these days, and now that a cheap “dongle” for your iPhone or iPad is fully available, I’m sure it’s going to only be a matter of time before Girl Scouts across America start taking credit card payments at your door.

Square has opened up their application to everyone, so you can now apply for access to their program within their free iPhone and iPad apps. It seems like the application is US only, and they require a credit check before they’ll send off the device. So if you meet either of those criteria then you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, a great deal of our writers are here in Canada, so a full-fledged review will be unlikely—unless they start shipping these things internationally. I managed to snag some pictures of the iPad app in use, so if you’re curious about how the app looks, you can check out the gallery below.

Square in Action

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