Sprint Lowers iPhone 4S Price By $50 Ahead Of iPhone 5 Release

With rumors of the iPhone 5 announcement on September 12, with a September 21 release date, Sprint is the first major cellular provider to reduce prices of the current iPhone 4S. Over the weekend Sprint reduced the price of the 16GB entry level model by $50, bringing the iPhone 4S price down to $149.99. It was previously offered at $199 with a two year plan.

It’s not a big surprise that Sprint has decided to reduce the price of the iPhone 4S with a new iPhone so close to being released. Carriers try to create hype around the existing models in hopes of selling them before the newer model comes out. It’s likely that the company is trying to clear inventory before the next generation iPhone is announced. Don’t be surprised if  other carriers follow in Sprint’s footsteps in the coming weeks as rumors of the new iPhone release date become more official.

If you’re the kind of person who wants the newest, most up-to-date device, then you should probably wait a little while longer. But if you’re happy with what the iPhone 4S can do and enjoy a good bargain, you should start looking for sales from your favorite carrier.

You might also want to consider selling your iPhone 4S before the new iPhone arrives.

Source: Sprint and iMore
Image Credit: Sprint

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