Spotify Preparing For A Canadian Launch

According to the Wall Street Journal, Spotify is finally getting ready to expand its music streaming service to Canada. There’s no mention of when the service will be launched, but reports have the service opening up shop in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, as well as some South American markets.

Of course, Spotify representatives refuse to elaborate on their expansion plans. Until we hear more official news, we Canadians will be rocking Rdio. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with Rdio as a service. It usually has what I’m looking for, and it comes in at a price point that’s more than affordable. The longer Spotify takes to open up shop in Canada, the less likely I will be to switch brands.

That said, sometimes living in Canada is like living in a second world technology country. We hear about all this great technology, and we all have the means to run it, but we’re years behind actually getting our hands on them. We live behind a tech curtain, and it’s really not fun. Spotify is a prime example of this trend. Sure, we have Rdio and some other music streaming services, but if you wanted Spotify, it’s been a long wait.

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