Spotify App For iOS Gets An Update

Spotify has released a new update for their iPhone and iPad application. Included in the update is a new playlist sorting option (iPad only), a friendlier login for first-time users (iPhone only), and other navigation improvements for both iPhone and iPad apps.

In the newly updated Spotify app for iPad, a new ‘Sort’ button appears next to the search field inside each playlist. This new feature will sort music by track, album, artist, time and even popularity. A new friend search has also been added to the iPad app, which allows users to find friends’ profiles and music.
For iPhone users, Spotify has a new login screen that is designed to look more like the iPad’s. It uses the ‘artist wall’ background and rounded login buttons.
Other performance enhancements have also been made to both iPad and iPhone apps. To make everything look better and and simpler to use, Spotify now groups options depending on the category they belong to in the app. The Radio feature is also much faster and loads quicker when launched.
While the Spotify app itself is free to download, it requires a premium subscription to really take advantage of these new features.
Source: The Next Web
Image Credit: The Next Web
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