Sparrow Update Rejected From The App Store, New Version Coming Soon


Dinh Viet Hoa, a developer at Sparrow, recently tweeted that an updated version of Sparrow for iOS was rejected from the App Store. Apple apparently called him saying that unless they submit a new version ASAP, the app could be pulled from the App Store. He has said that they’re working on an updated, iOS 6-only app. Dinh Viet Hoa tweeted the following:

Apple called to tell me that Sparrow has been rejected. Our app will be removed from the appstore if we don’t submit a new version soon.

Why was the updated app rejected, anyway? Apparently the application allowed for rich text editing on iOS 5 devices; however, Apple’s own email client didn’t support this until iOS 6 was released. This makes the app ineligible for approval on iOS 5 devices, although it would be fine for iOS 6 devices. This is why Sparrow’s latest iOS update will be iOS 6 exclusive.

If you’re unaware, Sparrow started out as a popular Mac app back in February of 2011. Earlier this year, Sparrow was released for iOS and featured a very intuitive and minimal design. Google acquired Sparrow in July of this year for a reported $25 million.

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