Space Gray Leads iPhone 5S Sales, Blue Leads iPhone 5C

According to data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), space gray is the most sold iPhone 5S color option with 43% of iPhone 5S marketshare. The other two color options, silver and gold, own 30% and 27% of the iPhone 5S market respectively.

It’s worth noting that the gold and silver editions of the iPhone 5S were reportedly under supply constraint at launch this past September. CIRP has marked this data as an incomplete view of color preferences for the iPhone 5S. Hopefully we see this data updated after gold iPhone 5S stock becomes more plentiful.

On the iPhone 5C side of things, CIRP reported that the blue color has been selling the strongest with 27% of all iPhone 5C devices sold being blue. White trailed close behind with 25% while green, pink, and yellow sold 21%, 20%, and 7%.

CIRP went as far as to break these color choices down by gender, showing that female iPhone 5S and 5C users tended to choose lighter colors. This led to female iPhone 5S users purchasing more silver phones than their male counterparts who preferred space gray. On the iPhone 5C side of things, female customers tended to prefer the pink color while male customers swayed towards the neutral white color.

Image Via: Karlis Dambrans
Via: MacRumors

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