Sony Pictures launches My Daily Clip iOS App

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment launched an iOS app today that allows users to view a different movie clip each day from its collection of thousands of movies. “The My Daily Clip App is a great way to discover and share movies on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch,” said Rich Berger, Senior VP, Worldwide Digital Strategy and Operations at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment through a press release. “This app gives the best of both worlds – instant gratification on-the-go with clips, and an easy link to buy the film for viewing on the go, or at home.”

Combining media clips from Sony Pictures films with social sharing on facebook, as well as trivia challenges and hooks to purchase the films directly in iTunes, the new app is meant for increasing discovery of films that you might have missed, as well as for sharing clips you like with your friends. A new clip will be featured every day, and past clips can be searched by keyword or theme.

Kudos to Sony for finding a way to advertise its films to millions of iPad and iPhone users. Will it drive traffic to the iTunes Movies section? Perhaps. I haven’t yet bought or rented a film off iTunes, although music and apps I have no problem spending money on.

What do you think? Would an app like this interest you in getting a movie from iTunes? Leave a comment and let us know!

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