Songza Gets Major Update, Concierge Knows Exactly What You’re Looking For

Who needs paid-for subscriptions to music services like Spotify and Rdio when you’ve got Songza? Not me, and especially not after this update. Songza today has reached version 3.0 in a major update that makes great features even greater.

The Concierge feature of Songza is really useful, especially when you have something going on but can’t decide which music is perfect for the situation. You can get music for those dreadful Monday mornings to get your week started off right or you can find a great workout playlist. With Songza 3.0, shake your device when you’re in the Concierge screen and tell Songza exactly what you’re doing and it will find the perfect music for you.

Now when you search for an artist, you can choose from any expert-curated playlist on Songza that features the artist and the playlist you choose will start with one of their songs.

Even if your Internet connection isn’t the best, Songza 3.0 brings faster performance and less buffering. Common bug fixes and crashes have also been fixed.

If you’re rushing to work, a long press on any Concierge situation, like Driving, will start the playlist that Songza thinks you’ll like most at that moment. If you’re using Songza on your iPhone, its HQ Audio feautre, which is powered by Audyssey, really makes your headphone sound quality better without increasing your data plan usage. With the improved HQ Audio, 200 headphone models are available and it’s easier to select your headphones when you add new ones.

The app’s interface has also been improved. When you’re looking at the Concierge, you’ll notice it takes full advantage of the iPhone 5’s larger display and does away with unnecessary clutter. Navigation is even simpler, with a focus on powerful and user-friendly features.

Songza 3.0 brings in-app tips and makes discovering music even better. They’ll help you move from playlists you’re getting tired of to new ones you may not have heard before. Navigation through the app is easier than ever with unnecessary clutter being removed, and good features displayed more noticeably, like browsing by mood, genre, decade or activity.

Songza 3.0 is available in the App Store now for free.

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.