Sonar app tells you everything about the people around you

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered whether you had anything in common with the person next to you?Or wanted to know if they are on any other social networks like Twitter and Facebook? Well now you can with an iPhone app called Sonar.

Sonar is a mobile profile for local social networking. The founder of Sonar, Brett Martin, says the app has the ability to tell you “that the guy sitting across from you is facebook friends with your college roommate, the dude by the jukebox is a VC that you follow on twitter, and the cute girl by the bar also likes the Arcade Fire and Hemingway.”

Don’t be confused into thinking this is a new social network altogether — it isn’t. Sonar uses all the public information users have freely provided already via social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, and soon Instagram and Eventbrite. It then provides you with all the information that person has submitted.

Sonar will help you discover friends of friends, find twitter friends and followers, and it even promises the chance of allowing you to meet like-minded singles.

Using the iPhone’s GPS, the app will tell you who is also using Sonar and all the details they have on their public Facebook and Twitter profiles. Sonar is designed to be used like you would with the FourSquare app, but instead of the check-in process, you will be using the app to see who is around you. So it can be used in meetings, bars, conferences and basically anywhere that you go.

In the words of the developers, “Sonar lets you take your online identity offline and meet real people in real time.” A FourSquare account is required to use the app.

Sonar is available free in the App Store now. You can check it out via the link below.

Article Via AppAdvice and TechCrunch

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