So long contracts, Apple starting to sell iPhones without contractual proof

It’s happening. Capitalism is starting to take hold of the cellphone market in a way that any consumer would dream. Competition in the market? Check. Price competition? Check. Sales without a contract? Check.

You heard right! Apple’s going to be selling phones without proof of contract in the US of A. Electronistsa is reporting:

Those willing to buy an iPhone 3G or 3GS at full price will purportedly have the freedom to do so at a US store without having a new or existing AT&T plan. The sales would discourage bootleggers only by keeping the phones locked to AT&T and one phone per day.

Other sources are starting to confirm the same with evidence including leaked memos, and Apple store employees dropping the goods. We’re a little uncertain about the validity of the last bit considering Apple store employees generally know very little about what’s going on behind closed doors.

Who knows what this may mean for Apple? Who knows how effective the move will be to combat the Nexus One onslaught? It’s good news for consumers, though. A world without Telco contracts is a world we can get behind.

Memo in Question

Article Via Electronista, 9 to 5, and Apple Insider

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