SMS Security Flaw Reportedly Fixed In iOS 6

In August, hacker pod2g discovered an SMS spoofing flaw within iOS where an SMS can be easily manipulated to show a number different than the one actually sending the message. Apple quickly responded to this discovery by warning iOS users to to be cautious and use iMessage whenever possible because it’s more secure.

Now Apple has reportedly fixed this SMS spoofing vulnerability. According to p0sixninja, Apple’s latest iOS software, iOS 6, which was just released yesterday, has a number of security fixes, including the SMS spoofing issue.

The vulnerability allowed malicious users to send messages that seemed to be from someone that is well-known and trusted, like a bank, but any reply messages would be sent to a different phone without the sender knowing.

Thanks to pod2g’s discovery, iPhone users don’t have worry about sending personal information to someone unknown without their knowledge.

Source: ModMyi
Image Credit: ModMyi and SlashGear

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