Smartphones Consuming More Data Than Tablets

Data analytics company Arieso has just reported that smartphones like Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III have been consistently using more data than their tablet counterparts. Gathering data using its own tracking technology, Arieso monitored 1 million mobile subscribers over a single, 24-hour period in November of 2012 in Europe. Because of this, 4G LTE data wasn’t factored in to the test. The company took data from 125 different smartphone models. During the survey, the company found that only three of the top ten devices were tablets. The remaining seven spots in the top ten went to six were standard smartphones and one phablet, the Galaxy Note 2. Laptop dongles were not included in the survey.

The outcome of the survey was pretty interesting. The iPhone 5 takes the cake for the most downloaded data, while the Galaxy S III uploads the most data. iPhone 5 users use roughly 50 percent more data than iPhone 4S users and four-times as much as iPhone 3G users.

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