Did Siri’s response spill the beans on future features?

Siri sure fooled us! When Apple demoed the newest iPhone technology two weeks ago we didn’t expect the robot girl to be so talkative. Sites have already started popping up, one by one, highlighting the funny and interesting replies the personal assistant makes. However, when the guys from ElectricPig asked her a few questions, her responses might have spilled the beans.

When asked to make a voice memo, Siri responded saying, “I haven’t yet learned to take dictation…” According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, the word yet means “at a later time.” Therefore, it’s okay to conclude that Siri was hinting at some new features coming in future updates. After all, Apple did call the current release “a beta.”

In addition, the guys asked the girl some other questions including:

  • “Make a new contact”
  • “Read my latest email”
  • “Update my Facebook status”
  • “Send a tweet”
  • “Download an app”

The last one had an interesting response too.

P.S. If you want Siri to tweet for you, this isn’t natively possible. However, there is a quick workaround. Save 40404 as “Twitter” in your contacts. Then, ask Siri to send a message to “Twitter,” and you’re set!

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