Siri now a recording artist courtesy of The Flaming Lips

It looks like the Flaming Lips may be trying upgrade Siri’s lot in life from personal assistant to mega-famous recording artist. The band has put together a “construction” piece featuring Erykah Badu, Biz Markie, and, you guessed it, Siri.

The track consists of Siri repeating the phrase “Wayne, I don’t understand… The Moon, The Stars, and The Sun” followed by Erykah Badu singing “and the moon, and the stars.”

But unlike in reality, Siri seems to have achieved autonomous thought, understanding the moon, the starts, and the sun by the time the experimental track reaches its conclusion. Who knows, maybe the Flaming Lips got Siri version 2.0, because the last time I tried sending a text message with Siri, all I got was the “I don’t understand” message over and over and over and over again. It probably won’t be long until we hear, “and the Grammy goes to … Siri!”

All kidding aside, the track is pretty interesting. Give it a listen.

Via The Verge

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