Siri and Omnifocus start talking to each other

Omnigroup made a quiet little announcement about Siri and their long-running and popular productivity app, Omnifocus. No doubt invented as a palliative for ADD-sufferers the world over, Omnifocus helps users collect their thoughts and distill them into action items, which is-… hmm… I should go buy that right away. Be right back.

[“thank you for your purchase”]

Ok. Where were we?

The Omnigroup blog observes that Siri can, in fact, be jury-rigged to interact with Omnifocus with relative ease, and provide three videos to explain it simply (don’t worry, ADD-sufferers; they’re short). You’ll want to watch them on Vimeo though, rather than in the blog post, as the resolution is reduced to the point where you can’t read the on-screen text that’s key to understanding how to set up the Siri-Omnifocus relationship.

Omnigroup is also on-hand to give you some support if you need it:

We’ll be standing by on the usual support channels if you need any assistance. Twitter:@omnifocus, Email:, Telephone: 1 800-315-OMNI

Siri, as many people know, is a voice-enabled digital assistant available with iOS 5 that allows you to give instructions in plain language that are carried out in contextually appropriate ways. The pairing of Siri and Omnifocus makes for something of a no-brainer for people like me who have lots of ideas but have trouble keeping track of their many ideas in a meaningfu- OMG IRON MAN’S ON TV BBL…

Source: The Omni Mouth

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