Siri Gets New Smartass Answers To “Best Smartphone Ever” Question

Siri will no longer tell you that the best smartphone on the market is a Nokia Lumia 900 when asked “What’s the best smartphone ever?” Apple has updated the Siri response for the query, and now provides answers like “you’re kidding, right?” and “The One You’re Holding.” Previously the results that were returned were from a WolframAlpha query that would return the “best smartphone” results based on the average consumer score for the handset.

It’s nice to see the team at Apple having fun with the search queries. There’s no doubt that Siri’s personality is part of the charm in using the service. That said, if the Nokia Lumia 900 does in fact have a better consumer rating than the iPhone 4S, would you prefer Siri tell you the truth, or tote the company line?

Who am I kidding? Everyone knows the iPhone 4S is the best phone on the market, right?

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