Shazam 5.0 Improves Recognition Time

Shazam has been doing a lot of really interesting things. It went from being a novelty app that you whip out at the pub to impress your friends to being something that you can actually use to interact with the world in a way that’s much less obnoxious than QR codes.

With this latest release of Shazam for iOS, recognition time has been improved. Now, I decided to do some testing of my own in my office. I played a handful of songs from my library through my iMac’s speakers without any background noise. While it did recognize a Beatles Song in only a second or two, many other songs took significantly longer to be recognized. Dean Martin’s “That Certain Party” took a good six or seven seconds for Shazam to get. Not everything is going to be easy for Shazam to guess, but it did eventually guess every song I threw at it.

We’d like to know if you notice a difference in speed. Are you a heavy Shazam user? If so, do you just use it to identify music, or do you actually hold your phone up to your TV for commercials? Let us know what you think by signing into LiveFyre with your Twitter or Facebook account, and leaving us a comment. We love to hear from our readers.

Source: Shazam PR/Engadget

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