Sharp To Begin Shipping Screens For iPhone 5 To Apple This Month

With all the hype and excitement surrounding the next-generation iPhone, rumors are continually surfacing. The latest in a string of release rumors has Apple announcing the iPhone 5, along with other new devices, on September 12 with a release date of September 21. Today, the president of Sharp, Takashi Okuda, said in a press briefing in Tokyo on Thursday that Sharp would begin shipping screens for the new iPhone to Apple in August.

Apple identified Sharp as a supplier last year, and Sharp is one of three companies that are expected to build screens for the upcoming iPhone. LG Displays Co. Ltd. and Japan Displays Inc. are the other two suppliers. Okuda’s statement concerning the iPhone screens was very short: “Shipments will start in August.” He did not go into any more detail than that and declined to give a more specific date for shipments beyond this month.

The new iPhone is rumored to have a larger screen, with panels that will be four inches corner to corner. This is 30 percent bigger than the current iPhones. Rumors have also indicated that the new iPhone would be thinner than previous phones by using what’s called in-cell panels, which embeds touch sensors into the liquid crystal display, making the touchscreen layer found in current iPhones unnecessary in the new one.

Source: Reuters via SlashGear
Image Credit: International Business Times

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