Seamless transitions music playing on your Mac to your iPhone without missing a beat

Seamless logoYou’re home. Or you’re at the office. You’re listening to an awesome song on your Mac, and then you realize you have to go. But you’re right in the middle of the track, and you want to keep listening on your iPhone while you travel. Well, up till now you’d have to stop the computer, find the track on your iPhone, and start it over from the beginning. Totally interrupting your flow. But with the new seamless app from Five Details (formerly Extendmac, makers of Flow, somewhat ironically) you can seamlessly transition a song from your Mac to your iPhone with one tap.

The Seamless app will find the song you’re playing on the Mac, load it up to the exact point you’re listening to, cue it up, and then perform a crossfade between your devices, turning the Mac’s volume down while simultaneously turning the iPhone’s volume up. Pretty nifty.

For the app to work, you have to have the same track on your iPhone as your Mac, and you also need to install a free program on your Mac that will allow Seamless to do its thing.

Five Details has put together this video demonstrating how cool this actually is — have a look. Tell me that isn’t pretty cool.

Seamless from Five Details on Vimeo.

Seamless lets you transition from playing music on your Mac to playing music on your iPhone or iPod touch –– in a single tap.

Your music, to go.

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