Scanner Pro By Readdle Update Brings Real-Time Border Detection

Scanner Pro by Readdle for your iPhone and iPad has just been updated to version 4.5, bringing a new feature that makes scanning a lot easier and faster. The new update brings real-time border detection, so now you won’t have to fiddle around with cropping and adjusting your images.

With real-time border detection, Scanner Pro will visually detect borders in real time while you’re making a scan. As you hold your iPhone or iPad over your document or receipt that you need scanned, Scanner Pro will detect and indicate borders. So when you’re in the middle of scanning, you’ll be able to see what part of the page is recognized and see exactly what will be scanned.

With the new Scanner Pro, you can skip manual adjustments and cropping of your images, making scanning much faster. This is especially true in batch mode, which lets your scan multiple pages at a time.

If you prefer to manually adjust your borders, though, just turn real-time border detection off in the app’s settings.

The update is now available for free in the App Store, but if you’re thinking of downloading Scanner Pro by Readdle for the first time, it’ll cost you $6.99.

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