Samsung’s 2010 Report Shows Galaxy Smartphone Needs To Be More Like iPhone

The oldest sibling of a family will understand this well. Little brothers and sisters always want to be just like their older brother or sister and often copy what they do, say, or how they dress. Well, it looks like Samsung is Apple’s younger sibling. In the Apple versus Samsung trial, Apple was allowed to show an internal Samsung document from 2010 that compares the Galaxy S smartphone with Apple’s own iPhone. On Tuesday, the entire 132-page document was admitted into evidence. This isn’t good for Samsung.

Translated from Korean, the document compares the Galaxy S smartphone (identified as S1) to the iPhone feature by feature to evaluate how it holds up against the iPhone, often coming up shorthanded. The document looks at everything from the home screen to the browser to the built-in apps on both phones. For each feature it offers suggestions on what Samsung can do moving forward to make its smartphone better. Often the answer was to make it more like the iPhone.

The document does nothing to help Samsung, as it seems to prove what Apple has been arguing all along: that Samsung copied the design of the iPhone. Samsung, on the other hand, has been arguing that with the arrival of touchscreen capabilities, the entire smartphone industry has been pushed towards something like the iPhone.

This document doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple will win because Apple will still have to prove that Samsung not only made the Galaxy smartphone more like the iPhone, but that they actually infringe on specific design and utility patents. Either way, this document does nothing to help Samsung’s case.

Source: Relative Evaluation Report on S1, iPhone via AllThingsD
Image Credit: Relative Evaluation Report on S1, iPhone

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