Sorry Samsung, Apple can still sell the 4S in France for now

Not only has Samsung lost their attempt to secure a preliminary injunction against Apple, but they’re also now being forced to pay Apple’s $134,000 in legal fees. Benjamin Ferran, journalist for LeFigaro and MacGeneration, was at the hearing and managed to live tweet some comments from the injunction trial:

IPhone 4S en France: l’interdiction demandée par Samsung était “disproportionnée”.

Long story short, Samsung’s demands are disproportionate to the case that they presented to the courts in France. While Samsung is required to pay the legal fees, the court also agreed that Samsung’s patent infringement lawsuit against Apple can move forward as planned.

This ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple has taken place in the U.K., Australia, and the U.S. already, and starting next week the companies will have the luxury of fighting it out again in Italy, for the second time.

According to Bloomberg, both Apple and Samsung have filed a combined 30 lawsuits in 10 different countries. It doesn’t look like there will be a resolution any time in the near future.

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