Samsung announces Smart Cam: A sexy and hi-tech home monitoring system for iOS

Samsung is known for its ingenuity and design. Their latest piece of technology is the Smart Cam. Just announced at CES 2012, this home monitoring system allows users to stream live video feed right to their smartphones. This Wi-Fi camera equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera gives users a piece of mind when away from their loved ones or prized possessions.

Samsung didn’t stop at the design. They went on to put some muscle behind this camera. Capable of streaming HD resolutions of 640×480 pixels at 30fps and priced at less than $200, this device is sure to grab a chunk of its market. The camera even has non-visible infrared LEDs. In other words, it can do night-vision recording for up to 15 feet. Users can set up audio and video sensor notifications for any time their device is triggered and have it automatically begin recording. The cool part? It can upload the footage to a private YouTube account for later viewing. Slick, right?

Priced at $150, the Smart Cam will be available in March.Samsung’s craftsmanship and skill is visible throughout this camera. It seems like they’re is finally back in the news for uniqueness – if you know what I mean.

Via: DigitalTrends

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