Rush Limbaugh Thinks People Are Depressed About The New iPhone

Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio show host, talked about the upcoming new iPhone on his radio show today. Apparently his fans have been emailing him about how “depressed” they are over the new iPhone. Yeah, really. Here’s the transcript from his show:

I’m not kidding. I got people e-mailing me, being depressed about the new iPhone. I kid you not. Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s because apparently everything is known about what it’s gonna be, and that’s like taking Santa Claus out of Christmas for people. Apple’s big announcement is on Wednesday, and everybody thinks they know what the phone’s gonna be. It’s gonna be a four-inch screen. It’s gonna have LTE, 4G LTE in it, it’s gonna have whatever, people know it. It’s not a new design. It looks exactly like the current phone, a little thinner. It looks just like the current phone, just a half-inch longer. But no wider. It’s gonna have a bigger screen but nothing on that screen is gonna be bigger. There’s just gonna be more space on the screen and the Apple fanboys are all depressed that they’re losing to Samsung, even though Apple just creamed ‘em in court, ’cause Samsung phones have a bigger screen.

To some extent, Rush does have a good point. Rumors tend to raise expectations too high and may end up disappointing some users when the actual device is released. Since many have a good understanding of the new iPhone’s features, some potential buyers may be lacking excitement for the new device, but I doubt they’re depressed.

However, Rush did say that the phone had the same old design; this, as we know, is untrue. The new iPhone is expected to feature a metal backplate with two glass strips running across the bottom and top of the device’s backplate. And the comment on how Apple is “losing to Samsung” was kind of unnecessary.

Source: Rush Limbaugh via CultofMac
Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

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