Those sly minxes over at Engadget believe they have the low down on the iPad 2, and the upcoming iPhone 5. According to their “reliable” sources, there are a number of large changes coming to the iPhone 5 and iPad 2. A lot of the rumors they’ve uncovered have been things that have been kicking around the industry for a while now, with the obvious exception of the SD card slot.

The changes apparently include:

  1. Qualcomm chipset for all the new devices (including the Apple TV)
  2. iPad 2 isn’t that close to launch (April ship)
  3. New high-resolution screen technology in the iPad 2 (not Retina)
  4. Dual cameras in the iPad (front and rear)
  5. iPad is still 10 inches
  6. An SD card slot
  7. iPad will have a dual-band chipset (GSM+CDMA)
  8. iPhone 5 will be completely redesigned (summer launch)
  9. iPhone 5 will have Apple’s new A5 (A9-based, multi-core chip)
  10. No LTE

Most of these rumors are safe bets, but the SD card slot mention remains a bit of a problem for me.  It might be true, and a lot of people, including myself, would be ecstatic if it becomes a reality, but if anything on this list was bogus, my money would be on that one.

Photo Credit: Design d15
Article Via Engadget

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