Rumor: New paint process may fix the white iPhone issue

I am really hoping this rumor proves to be true, because I have always wanted the white iPhone. There have been sightings of the white iPhone 4 in inventory systems which could suggest that the release of the elusive handset may be imminent.

There is a report from Japanese blog Macotakara that says their leaks are true and claims that the issues of the white paint for this device have been solved. They say that a new process has been developed that has to do with the thickness of the paint layer applied. If this breakthrough proves true then we may finally get those white handsets.

The report claims that the issues may have been fixed by a small company in Japan that has developed a new type of paint which enables it to be applied in a more uniform way than was possible before. This would mean more even, intense colors, which would fix the previous printing of the white color which resulted in a huge number of defective products.

Apple had announced the white handset back in June and for a while people debated wether to get the black one or wait for the white—it seems the wait for the white one was far longer than any of us could have imagined. The actual reasons behind the problem was only ever stated officially by Apple to be due to a ‘manufacturing problem,’ but the rumors were explicit in saying that it was actually the paint, and that the thickness and opacity of it distorted the colour.

I really want to see this handset but I’m not sure Apple will launch the white iPhone when it is predicted they will have a new handset in June anyway. It might make more sense for them  to wait until the new handset is out and then release them together (if the rumor is true).

Will you sell your iPhone to get the new handset if it’s true? Are you past caring and are happy with your device? Have you been waiting for the white device all this time?

Article Via TUAW

Photo Credit: redmondpie

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