Rumor: iPhone 5 getting Smart Covers

We stumbled on a rumor today that we thought could be interesting, even if it’s an April Fools’ Day hoax. Apparently Apple’s working on a Smart Cover for the iPhone 5, according to Pocketnow. Just like the iPad 2, they’re expecting the iPhone 5 to use a magnetic based system that would let users attach a Smart Cover case instead of a bumper.

If true it would make a lot of sense, perhaps more sense than the iPad. I like using my iPhone naked, but I also worry about getting scratches on the glass while it’s in my pocket. Screen protectors just don’t cut it for me, but a Smart Cover might be exactly what I’m looking for.

If Apple could make the Smart Cover thin enough, I just might use it instead of running around case free.

What do you think? Despite it being April 1st, and despite the possibility that this may be fake, would you use a Smart Cover on your iPhone 5?

Editor’s Note: It’s April Fools’ Day—thois very well could be a hoax, so keep that in mind. We’re trying hard to weed out the garbage.

Article Via Pocket Now

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