Rumor: iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 Pro could be on the docket

Reports have been circulating for years about a cheaper iPhone model. Some analysts and journalists have held that Apple’s looking for a way to further increase their proliferation in the cellular network with a secondary phone for quite some time. So it’s not really all that surprising that we’re again hearing rumors about a possible iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 Pro model being released as we head towards the next iPhone revision announcement.

The iPhone Download Blog has spoken with someone at one of Apple’s factories, and they believe that Apple could possibly be looking to make the jump to a consumer and pro edition of the phone.

Two phones may certainly be better than one for the bottom line, but we should also keep in mind that there’s likely a couple of handfuls worth of prototypes circulating the Apple campus at this point in time. Every company tries things before they implement them, and Apple’s no different.

There could be an iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 Pro slated for release, but it could also be just another prototype making the rounds. At this point we’d have to assume that it would be a prototype. The definitive question here would be, what separates an iPhone 5 from a Pro iPhone 5? Is there a simple way of definitively defining the differences between the two devices? If so, we could see a secondary iPhone, but at this point it’s hard to imaging two phones different enough to warrant an additional product line.

What could set apart a pro model? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Article Via The iPhone Download Blog
Photo Credit: Purplelime

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