Rumor: iPhone 5 to bring major design change

Boy Genius Reports has heard that the next iPhone will sport a major redesign. While the site wasn’t given many specific details, it claims that the iPhone 4S models that have been seen are not what Apple will be releasing in the fall.

The site is also reporting that this device will be ready to go in August of this year. It is unclear if Apple would still hold its annual music event in September to launch new iPods.

This is my next reported similar changes in April, claiming the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen and a MacBook Air-inspired teardrop design.

If the next iPhone does ship with a larger display, developers would not have to re-work their apps if Apple maintains the same resolution as present on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch. It is widely held that the iPhone 5 will ship with iOS 5 at launch, powered by the same A5 chipset found in the iPad 2.

Article Via BGR

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