Rumor: Say what? iPhone 5 going 4G on AT&T

We’re not sure what to think about 4G and the next generation iPhone any more. The rumors have been so back and forth and out right confusing that it really could go either way at this point.

We should probably say straight up that we don’t believe 4G will be in the next iPhone, but a number of analysts and “people in the know” seem to think that there’s a possibility still that it will.

Barron’s is reporting that an analyst from Hudson Square Research not only upgraded AT&T stock from hold to buy, but also pointed out that AT&T will have a “marketing advantage” from the next iPhone. And here’s where things get down right crazy: apparently the next iPhone won’t be an iPhone 4S, but a full-on 4G iPhone 5, complete with LTE.

See what we deal with on a daily basis?

Todd Rethermeier, the analyst in question here, believes that only AT&T will get the LTE 4G edition of the next iPhone, and that Verizon will be left out in the cold.

Color me shocked. We’re going to file this one away, and look back on what Rethermeier said once the next iPhone actually ships. We have a hard time believing that Apple’s going to continue serving up two very different editions of the next iPhone to consumers. If anything, Apple’s likely looking to merge the Verizon and AT&T models into one device, not keep them differentiated.

Article Via Barron’s
Photo Credit: benjiphig

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