Rumor [vid]: iOS 5 leak shows new multitasking approach

If there’s one thing I want from iOS 5, it’s an actual multitasking experience. Not an experience that involves all apps going into a bar at the bottom of my screen. If an app takes advantage of multitasking, it goes into the multi-tasking bar. If the app doesn’t need multitasking, it closes when I exit the app.

It appears that Apple may be addressing multi-tasking on the whole. A video has surfaced today allegedly showing off iOS 5’s new multitasking approach. Instead of double-clicking to reveal a glorified app-list, iOS 5 would reveal a live view of applications currently running. Think Safari’s Top Sites feature, but with iPhone apps.

We want to be very clear — there’s no proof that this is legitimate, and it should be considered a rumor at this point.

If true, would you use it? Is it better than what we have now? What are the benefits to seeing a live screen over an app icon? As it stands, it doesn’t look like much has changed outside of the live view instead of the icon approach.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Article Via The Next Web

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