Rumor: iOS 5 to include widgets?

In an article discounting rumors of a hardware  preview at WWDC, MG Siegler over at TechCrunch has dropped several pieces of information he’s been hearing about the next version of iOS 5. We also aren’t expecting a hardware refresh this summer, but rather a better look at Lion, Apple’s revamped cloud services and maybe a healthy side of iOS 5.

If Apple’s next mobile OS is on display, Siegler expects to see “completely revamped notifications and widgets.”

Widgets would be welcome, especially on the larger iPad, where a Dashboard-like environment would work quite well.

The notifications in iOS are currently a disaster. With pop-ups interrupting everything and red badges ganging up on users more and more, Apple could learn a lot from the systems within WebOS and Android. Lastly, TechCrunch has heard more about the Nuance-powered voice control system expected to show up in iOS.

Any of these changes would be more than welcome, but if Apple adds all three to the next version of iOS, it would be one heck of an update.

Article Via TechCrunch

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