Rumor: iOS 5 event in April?

Just in time for the spring, a new rumor has surfaced that Apple is planning on holding an event to show off iOS 5 in April.

This would fall in line with what the company has done in recent years.

I think this rumor is right on the money, as Apple has become a pretty routine-driven company, at least when it comes to product announcements.

With Lion due out this summer, I’d venture to guess that this year’s WWDC won’t be all-iOS as it was in 2010. Granted, the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 were all announced at WWDC. If Lion is going to get some serious demo time, that could be one crazy-long keynote. Even if Apple demos iOS 5 in April, I still think the iPhone will have a presence on stage and in workshops.

So, what will iOS 5 bring? I’m hoping for a few things:

  • A revamped notifications system
  • A better way to get files on and off, other than iTunes or iDisk
  • Wi-Fi sync with iTunes
  • Better media controls
  • A way to view metadata of photos

I’m sure that list is incomplete. Chime in below!

Article via Mac|Life

Photo credit: davidoa, via iDesk

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