Rumor: Google Maps Out In iOS 6, To Be Replaced With In House System

If you couldn’t see this one coming, you’re probably not paying attention. Apple has apparently cut out the Google Maps app from iOS, and instead of using the Google application, plans to replace it with an in-house mapping system based off of Placebase, C3 Technologies, and Poly9 instead.

What could we expect in a new mapping system in iOS? 9to5 Mac elaborates:

The most important aspect of the new Maps application is a powerful new 3D mode. The 3D mode does not come enabled by default, but users simply need to click a 3D button that is conveniently and visibly stored in the app. Perhaps under the fold like the current traffic, pin, and map view buttons. This 3D mode is said to essentially be technology straight from C3 Technologies: beautiful, realisitic graphics based on de-classified missile target algorithms.

9to5 Mac seems to think that the new Maps application will be released at WWDC alongside iOS 6. Like we said off the top, a new mapping solution in iOS has been rumored for years, and the rumors reached their peak when people began realizing that the new iPhoto application for iOS left behind Google Maps for an OpenStreetMap-based system.

I haven’t used the Maps app on my phone in ages, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a reworking of the app, especially if it means that we finally get our hands on a turn-by-turn system on the device. How fantastic would that be? Heck I’d settle for something that actually shows me where I’m standing in relation to the buildings around me.

Via: 9to5Mac

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