Rumor: Apple could use OmniVision’s new 5MP/1080P sensor in iPhone 4S

In something that is definitely classified as a rumor, Apple could be poised to use the new OmniVision five megapixel CMOS sensor in future iPhone and iPod touch models.

The sensor is capable of producing 1080p video, and consumes far less space than current sensor designs inside of a device. The sensor is also capable of producing 720p HD movies at 60 frames per second. The 1080p videos it produces are limited to 30 frames per second, due to the incredibly high strain that 60 frame per second video places on the sensor.

The new OmniVision sensor is 20% thinner than previous sensor designs, and is optimized for slimmer smartphones and tablets. Of course, Apple has yet to announce whether it will include this new sensor in its upcoming iPhones or iPod touches.

The main issue here, and one that we should care most about, is the image quality that comes out of the sensor. Until we see real test images, we won’t know how this sensor compares against the ones used in current generation iPhones and iPod touches. There is a lot more to image quality than sensor resolution. Things like low-light performance, physical sensor size, and image clarity and processing all matter as well.

The other question is, why hasn’t Apple upgraded the still camera in the iPhone to something better than five megapixels? Ultimately, we don’t know if Apple will use this new sensor, and they certainly aren’t claiming that they will. Only time will tell how big of an upgrade the next generation iPhone receives in image and video quality, but it is really great to see developments like this one pushing the possibilities farther forward.

Article Via Engadget

Photo Credit: Informatique

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