Rumour: Apple keeping Spotify out of the US

Music is the order of the day. Apple’s working on updating iTunes to possibly include a cloud based option (based on the Lala acquisition), so it’s not all that surprising that rumours keep popping up about iTunes being available over the cloud, and that it will have streaming options.

iTunes in the Cloud

One rumour today is that the VP of iTunes, Eddy Cue, has been meeting with labels to discuss a streaming music service from iTunes over the cloud. It’s expected that the service will cost between 10 and 15 dollars per month, according to the New York Post. There’s also been mention of a tier-based program, with costs directly associated with how long content would be accessible.

It’s expected that a streaming iTunes platform would be similar to the Zune Pass.

No Spotify in the US, yet

In other streaming news, Spotify is having a difficult time getting their product into the US. Labels have been reluctant to give the service access to their catalogs, but now there’s news that Apple may be working against Spotify with the labels. CNET’s source says that Apple’s been talking Spotify down in private meetings with the labels: “Apple executives have expressed concern to the labels that a free music service here could undercut already lackluster download sales; at least one label chief, Edgar Bronfman Jr., chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group, has lost confidence in ad-supported models.”

It might not matter though. Spotify is already in negotiations with four of the major record labels, and plans to have the service available within the US by year’s end. I’m sure that makes a lot of people happy.

Article Via Electronista, MacLife, Arstechnica

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