Rumor: Apple has built three iPhone 5 prototypes

According to, Apple has three different prototypes of the next generation of iPhone(s) in testing. The Taiwanese website has previously gotten its hands on several unannounced leaked Apple components, including a white iPhone 4 panel, the iPod nano touchscreen, and the 2008 redesigned MacBook.

This time around, the speculation surrounds the new iPhone 5, or perhaps three new iPhones, one of which will feature a slide out keyboard or a sliding cover of some kind (Google translate is kind of rough). Another prototype has the same physical configuration as the iPhone 4, with increased battery life and a better camera. This would be just a spec upgrade, much like the upgrade from the 3G to the 3GS. No details are given about the purported third prototype.

The site also predicts that the new iPad would feature a camera and would be thinner, reiterating rumors that have been circulating widely.

While has a reasonable track record with rumors, it’s hard to believe that Apple would be making a phone with a slide out keyboard. What if, however, it was not a slide out keyboard, but a slide out game pad, like the just announced SONY Xperia Play? Imagine an iPhone with upgraded processor, increased battery life, increased memory, and a slide out game pad.

What? I can dream. OK, so maybe it’s not going to happen.

Article Via TUAW

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