Rumor: Is Apple going back to aluminum with the iPhone 5?

Has Apple had enough of all the “gates” surrounding the iPhone 4? With Antennagate, and Glassgate, and every other bsgate making headlines last year, you’d have thought that this time around Apple may be dramatically redesigning the iPhone so it was less “gate” friendly.

According to GadgetsDNA, Apple may have dropped the glass based iPhone 4 for an aluminum (that’s alu-minium for all you Ive fans) based device with an internal antenna this time around.

On the surface,the move would make a lot of sense. After all, who wouldn’t want to remove themselves from the droves of beat writers talking about the poor glass design? That being said, this could be a bit of a step backwards in design. Apple would essentially be mashing up the original iPhone and the iPhone 3GS, should this particular iPhone 5 rumor turn out to be true.

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for the original iPhone, but I’ve felt like we’ve seen this before, and it doesn’t exactly look new and improved. Keeping in mind that the image is a mockup, do you think Apple’s going back to the brushed metal, aluminum backed iPhone? If so, would you buy one?

An aside

It’s also pretty hilarious that it’s only been a half week since the iPad 2 was announced and instead of getting a much needed rumor break, we’re already getting tons of iPhone 5 rumors.  Maybe that Joy of Tech image we posted earlier today isn’t all that far off from the truth.

Article Via MacRumors
Photo Credit: Macotakara

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