Rovio Releases “The Croods” Game Based On The Dreamworks Animated Film

Rovio, the game maker that brought us the Angry Birds franchise, has released its newest game, and it has nothing to do with flying angry birds. Rovio’s newest game, “The Croods,” is based on the upcoming Dreamworks animated film of the same title.

Rovio partnered with Dreamworks to bring the movie to your smartphone and tablet, using the same characters and storyline in the game as you’ll see in the movie. Basically, the Croods are a prehistoric family of cavemen who are trying to progress past the stone age by coming up with new ideas.

The Croods travel to different landscapes to hunt and gather food in order to survive, while also discovering and taming new creatures along the way. According to Rovio, these creatures are unlike “anything you’ve ever seen.”

You can also play as Grug to invent things, kind of like creating vehicles in Bad Piggies. You can also customize the characters and homes with accessories.

This isn’t the first time Rovio has partnered with a film studio. It previously worked with 20th Century Fox to create the Angry Birds Rio edition based on the movie Rio. Angry Birds Star Wars has also been a big hit since its release.

The game is now available for free on the App Store for your iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android.

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