Roger’s stock runs dry.

Let it be a sign to tech companies everywhere!  Canada love’s its tech, and Americans should stop under estimating us, we’re just as geeky as the rest of you!

Actually, we love our tech so much up here that Rogers has run dry on stock, and Apple’s iPhone’s are no longer on store shelves.  It’s starting to sound like Apple can keep up with demand for their phone, and that shipments have started to dry up altogether.  It’s not only a Canadian problem though, there’s reports of other countries falling behind as well.

People in Finland have a two month waiting period before a phone arrives.  In Spain, it’s rumoured that telco’s have been trying to pawn off the 3G phones to those who wouldn’t know any better because the 3GS is sold out.

When was the last time a cellphone had that kind of problem? Looks like Apple produced a gem.

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