Are you an Apple fan from way back? Do you want to show off your love of classic Apple while taking advantage of the latest and greatest from our favorite tech company? Well, this clever little decal replaces that classy monochrome Apple logo on the back of the iPhone with the classic Apple logo featuring green, yellow, orange, red, violet, and blue stripes.

For a measly $2.95 USD, you can get you very own classic Apple logo decal from PersonalizedPrinting on Etsy. The decal is printed on 3mil Arlon removable vinyl, and it uses low-tack adhesive to reduce the chance of leaving residue when you remove the decal.

From the first iPhone to the iPhone 4S, this decal will perfectly replace the monochrome Apple logo on the back of your phone. Name another type of iPhone accessory that has such a wide compatibility range. ;-)

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