RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger is NOT coming to iOS April 26th


Wishful thinking aside, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is not coming to iOS on April 26th. It’s being wildly reported online that RIM has been preparing for an iOS release of their messaging service, but it’s not true.

According to a representative from RIM, BBM is eventually going to make an appearance on iOS, but the date isn’t April 26th.

Sites were claiming that Jim Balsillie made the announcement in Toronto this week, but RIM is reporting that an announcement was never made, and that Jim Balsillie didn’t speak at any event in Toronto this week.

Listen, we get that RIM’s co-CEO likes to talk and make aggrandizing comments about the their products, but this doozy can’t be attributed to Basillie in any capacity.

Instead, it was a made up rumor on a forum.

Article Via RazorianFly

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