Richard Branson, the world’s most unsquare person, invests in Square

Square just got a little bit cooler today. Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, and that iPad magazine that we’ve apparently forgotten about (oh, yeah. Project.) has decided that it was time to invest in Square.

Branson, known for his success building hundreds of companies around the world, took interest in Square’s rapid growth and novel technology, in particular its free hardware that allows anyone to accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime … “I’m very passionate about helping people start and grow successful businesses, and Square is an incredible technology that inspires and empowers everyone to be an entrepreneur”

There’s no mention of how much Branson has invested, but Square has just closed a $100M Series-C round of funding, so Square clearly isn’t hurting in that department.

What’s Square?

Square is a company that makes taking credit card transactions simple and easy through the use of iOS devices and a nifty looking gadget that plugs into your iOS devices headphone jack.

They’ve been around for a couple of years now, but the services is currently US only. There have been rumors that Square may be looking to expand international in the near future.

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