Report: 12% of iPhones now on Verizon

Mobile ad firm Chitika has been tracking usage trends of iPhone customers for a while now, and today, the group released an interesting number:

As of today, Verizon is up to 12% of all iPhone web usage, based on data from the Chitika ad network. The data is based on a 24-hour rolling period, so it’s a good snapshot of what iPhones are in use right now.  For Verizon to pick up that big of a share of iPhone users in about a month is impressive, and doesn’t bode particularly well for AT&T (which, as we’ve reported before, is woefully lacking in Android users).

If this is accurate, then the newest iPhone is off to a great start. However, since neither Verizon nor Apple have announced how many devices have been sold, many feel that the iPhone 4 isn’t moving as quickly as either company wanted.

Article Via Mac Rumors