Renault in a Twizy: First iAd in Europe

Apple has finally gotten around to bringing iAds to Europe. The very first approved iAd to appear in applications today is Renault’s ad for the Twizy EV.

Perhaps it’s even more fitting because it’s a two-seater car that runs on electricity, but more on that later. Vroom.

If you’ve ever spent any time talking to someone about the progressive electric car, you’re probably filled with a ton of mythical opinions and theories about why the electric car was killed off in North America and around the world. Hell, there’s even a documentary about it (it’s a must watch). The iAd looks to combat the absurdities out there about the electric car by providing people with legitimate information about the Twizy EV.

The press release has an interesting paragraph in it that we think is worth repeating here:

By launching Twizy’s mobile marketing with iAd, Renault is acknowledging Apple users as being at the forefront of mobility. Without having to exit the app they’re using, iPhone and iPod touch users can explore — and explode — the urban myths about electric vehicles.

Is it true? Are we at the forefront of mobility? I love the iPhone, but even I find that a bit hard to believe, at least until announcement day in January.  So, Renault thinks iPhone users are at the forefront of technology, and therefore more likely to have an interest in their electric car.  What do you iPhone users think? Are you willing to buy an electric car? Is Renault right?

Watch a video of the iAd in action

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