Reeder Will Live On After July 1, New Updates On The Way

We’re all aware that Google Reader is on its last breath and will officially shut down on July 1, so what does that mean for Reeder? The company behind the popular RSS reader has announced that Reeder will live on after we say goodbye to Google Reader. On top of that, all three version of the app (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) will get major updates.

Reeder has laid out its game plan to keep us all informed of what will happen come July 1. While all three versions of the app will get significant updates, unfortunately they won’t be ready for July 1.

In addition, the current version (3.1) of Reeder for iPhone is free, starting today. Version 3.2, which has already been submitted, will support the following services as alternatives to Google Reader:

  • Feedbin
  • Feedly
  • Feed Wrangler (No support for smart streams in Reeder yet)
  • Fever
  • Standalone/Local RSS without syncing

The iPhone version originally wasn’t supposed to get a major update, but with how well the new iPad version turned out, the developers wanted to bring it to the iPhone too.

As for Reeder for Mac and iPad, it’s apparently not as easy to add other services to the current versions of these apps. The focus for these apps will be on getting the new versions out as soon as possible, which means that the current versions will be removed from the App Store and Mac App Store on July 1, since right now they only work with Google Reader.

That’s all the info we have for now. Make sure to follow Reeder on Twitter to keep up with any new updates on the apps.

Image Credit: The Industry

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