Raved: A New Way To Find Restaurants, Shops And More

I love eating out as much as the next guy, but honestly, it can really suck when you eat at a bad restaurant. Fortunately for us, a new app by the name ‘Raved’ was recently announced and released in the iTunes App Store. This app allows you to view your friend’s Facebook, and soon Foursquare check-ins and likes, at locations near you. Raved’s unique friend-powered engine will take your friend’s suggestions and your current location to  give you recommendations as to where you might want to eat, shop or visit.

Not only does Raved give you suggestions, it also gives you information about the place you’re visiting. For instance, Raved can give you information such as directions, phone numbers and web info on the place you plan to visit. When I was talking to Bill, the marketing director at Raved, he told me that they will soon be offering menu views once they’ve partnered with restaurants. Bill also said that they plan to monetize the service by offering sponsored deals and using affiliate links.

Groupon addicts will also like Raved as it allows you to view Groupon deals when checking out locations. You can purchase these deals directly through Raved, so there’s no need to venture out to the web to find great deals. More deal sites may be added in the future.

Once you’ve visited a location, you can leave a ‘rave’. Raves symbolize that you enjoyed your experience at the location and would recommend it to a friend. If you would like to save a location without making it public, you can bookmark it.

All in all, I think that Raved is a cool new application for iOS and soon Android. Raved combines the perfect amount of social and functionality and wraps it up in a beautiful user interface. If you would like to try Raved for yourself, click the link below this post.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.