Quirky Releases Curious New Crossover Case

Receipts, money, debit cards, and anything else you keep in your bazillion pockets — evenly spread among your coat, pants, and hoodie — get lost pretty easy, then your phone rings and its a mad dash to check all your pockets for your phone. First pocket? Nope. But there’s your debit card. Second pocket? Nope. But there’s that lunch receipt. You get the idea. It’s a common problem. The new Crossover case from Quirky aims to keep all those wallet-ish papers and cards attached to your iPhone 5 case.

One spot to rule them all. Heck, you can even leave your wallet behind now. Your phone can easily become your wallet. Considering governments are killing off the penny, it’s probably only a matter of time until all that change is replaced with some fancy change card anyway. The Crossover is made from two stretchy silicone bands and comes in thirteen colors.

The Crossover is available on Quirky’s website for $34.99. It’s worth checking out, as is the Quirky website. There’s a ton of cool stuff on there.

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