Proximity Sensor problem addressed in iOS 4.1 Beta 2

Apple’s had their fair share of annoyed customers over the last year, and it seems like they’re about to make a couple of people happy by addressing the iPhone 4 proximity sensor problem. According to reports, a lot of developers are noticing that the proximity sensor issue has been patched with iOS 4.1 beta 2. However, reports are varied.

The fine folks over at MacRumors are noting that 4.1 beta 2 doesn’t address the proximity issues, while other more notorious blogs are suggesting that the issue has been addressed. I personally don’t have access to the iPhone 4 yet, and I’m not in the developer program, so I can’t verify if this has been addressed.

But, given Gizmodo’s recent panache for anti-apple rhetoric, it comes as a bit of surprise that they’re stating that the issue has been patched. We’re inclined to believe them. If it wasn’t fixed, they would have been the first to let us know with a big flamboyant headline.

Image Credit: Rob Goodlatte

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